We buy houses as is, in any condition

we buy houses as is
We offered $297,000 for Randy’s house in Lakewood, CO “as is”.

Sell your house without fixing anything… and still get a fair price.  We buy houses as is, pay more than other investors, and close in 5 days.  You are about to learn how you can sell your house as is and still make sure you get the best deal.

We buy houses as is, and pay more than other investors

We buy houses as is in any condition

If you have lived in your house for several years, there is a good chance your house shows signs of a lot of wear and tear.  The carpet is worn out, the cabinets may be outdated, the countertop may be burned, there may be a hole in wall from that incident last year, there may be a damaged door, the windows may not all open properly, the paint may be faded, the roof shingles may be shot, and the landscaping may be trashed…

Fixing years worth of wear and tear on a house may cost tens of thousands of dollars.  And besides all the money, it will take months to line out and manage having all of this work done.  You may need to sell your house quicker than that.

sell your house as isWe are set up to buy houses as is in any condition.

We see the value in houses below all that wear and tear.  We understand what it takes to rehab a house back to brand new, and more importantly, we have the crews to get it done for a low cost.  You can sell your house as is, and still get a great price.  We buy houses as is and today we are looking for two more properties.  We can close and have cash in your hand in just 5 days.

When selling a house as is, sell directly to an investor and not a wholesaler.

When you are looking to sell your house as is to an investor, make sure you are selling to an investor and not a wholesaler.  You’ll always get the best price by selling your house as is to an investor.  A wholesaler is a middle man, or broker, who pretends to buy houses for cash.  Wholesalers will  double close and resell your house to a real investor at a higher price within hours of buying it from you.  Beware of wholesalers if you want to get the best price.

A real investor will have evidence to show you of houses they have renovated.  Ask to see pictures of the last house they have fixed up.

Here’s how the process works when selling your house as is:

  1. We agree to a price and both sign a contract.
  2. That same day, we contact your lender and request the payoff balance on your mortgage.
  3. We receive the payoff balance in 3 to 4 days.
  4. Denver Property Flip wires money to the closing company, who pays off your mortgage and wires the remaining cash into your checking account.
  5. You move out of the house on a day we agree to ahead of time.  Sometimes you can stay for a couple weeks after closing.

The entire process takes about 5 days.  No inspections, no realtor fees, no surveys… just a smooth process ending with cash in your bank account in less than a week.

we buy houses in any condition
“We can finish the projects you started.”

Why we can pay more than other investors:

We are a real estate brokerage, licensed contractor, and investor all in one.  We cut out all the middle man.  Other investors can’t pay what we pay because they have more expenses involved in buying your house.  We buy houses as is, fix them with our crews for the cost of material and labor, list them with our brokerage on the MLS for no charge, and pay for all the upgrades with our own private money lenders.

We don’t pay points on our loans, we don’t pay 2.8% commission to a realtor to list the house, and we don’t pay the extra 10% profit contractors build into their pricing.  All these savings help us pay you more for you house.  We offered Randy $297,000 for his house in Lakewood yesterday (pictures on this page).  Find out what we can pay for your house today.

Call us at 720-370-9595 and get an all cash, as is, 5 day close offer on your house today.


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