Sell my house fast in Denver, CO

The best way to sell my house fast in Denver, CO

Sell my house fast Denver
“The best way to sell my house fast in Denver!”

There are many reasons you may want (or need) to sell your house fast.  Today I’ll share with you the best way to get your house sold in 5 days and for the most cash.  Since “fast” is a relative term, we’ll also briefly discuss the best way to sell your house in 90 days and sell it for much more than it’s currently worth.

Sell my house fast in Denver CO

If you’re in foreclosure, are in the middle of a divorce, have a problem renter, have a condemned house, just lost your job, or just have to come up with a bunch of cash quickly for some reason, today I’ll show you how to quickly liquidate your house for a fair price and walk away with the cash you need.

First, you’ll need to find the best real estate investor in Denver.   The best investor will buy your house quickly with cash AND pay you a fair price.  The best investor is NOT a middleman.  You’ll get the best price by selling directly to an investor and not to a middleman.

If you google “sell my house fast Denver”, the majority of the companies that will come up are “wholesalers”.  These are middlemen, or brokers, who don’t actually buy houses.  These companies get houses under contract for a low price, and then resell them to a real investor for a profit.  Avoid selling to a wholesaler.

Many people sell their house to a wholesaler, and don’t even know it.  They don’t realize that at closing, the company buying their house is also reselling their house to a real investor in the room next door for several thousand dollars more.  If you want to get the best price, make sure you are selling directly to a real estate investor who will either fix and flip your house or keep it as a rental.

Denver Property Flip is a real investor.  You can sell your house fast to Denver Property Flip and know you are getting a good price.

Watch out, wholesalers will often offer you more than a real investor, with no intention of actually paying you that much at closing.  Here’s the trick they play:

  1. They get you to sign an offer contingent on an inspection.
  2. During the inspection period they talk to real investors and make a deal to sell it to them for a price less than what they offered you.
  3. They go back to you (who doesn’t even know about the other investor) and ask you to lower your price due to inspection issues they found.
  4. You agree to lower your price so low that the wholesaler can still resell to another investor for a profit, or you don’t agree to lower your price and the wholesaler walks away from the deal.

So be careful, even if you find an “investor” willing to pay you more than the rest, they may be a wholesaler who plans on renegotiating the price during the inspection period.

You need to realize that if you are selling your house to an investor, you are going to take a hit.  We have our own in house real estate brokerage and we’re our own licensed contractor, so we can pay more for houses than other investors, but we still can’t pay as much as a retail home buyer.

If you need to sell your house in less than six weeks, there is no way to get it done without selling it for a little less.  Investors need to account for property taxes, insurance, back end realtor fees, closing costs, utilities, etc.  All these investor expenses lower what an investor can offer you for your home.

So if you have the time, the best way to sell your house in Denver is to list your home on the market and sell to a retail buyer.  Denver Property Flip will not only help you list your home, we’ll even do an analysis to see if you can make you more money by making some improvements to your first.

For example, let’s say you can sell your house for $50,000 more if you do a $10,000 cosmetic rehab to the house first.  Denver Property Flip will design, pay for, and manage that $10,000 cosmetic rehab… then market and list your house, find the highest paying buyer, and get you the largest possible check at closing.

But if you don’t have time to wait, and you need to sell your house in less than a month, we can buy your house with cash and close in 5 days.  Not only will you get your house sold fast, you’ll know you got the best price, because you cut out all the middle men and sold directly to the best investor in Denver.

Call 720-370-9595 to get an offer on your house today.

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