How to sell a house fast – 3 Great Options

How to sell a house fast near Denver CO

How to sell a house fast near Denver COIf you need to sell your house fast, you are about to learn how to get it done without selling at a discount.  You can get your house sold quickly and sometimes even sell your house for a price that is more than it’s currently worth.  Lets dig into all your options.



How to sell a house fast near Denver CO

Option 1: Sell to a cash buyer

You can sell your house to a cash investor and get it sold in about a week…  Denver Property Flip is one of many cash buyers in the Denver area.  Google “Sell My House Fast”, and you’ll find several cash buyers to choose from.  The problem with selling your house to a cash buyer is that you’ll sell at a discount and miss out on some of your equity.  

If you go this option, expect to sell your house for 70% to 80% of what it would sell for on the market.  The process will be quick and easy, but it comes at a price.  If you need to sell your house in the next week, this is likely your only option.  But if you have just a little more time, consider one of the next two options so you can walk away with more cash.

Option 2: Sell your house quickly on the MLS

Just because your house isn’t in good condition or you need to sell in a hurry, doesn’t mean you can’t sell your house on the MLS.  The real estate market in the Denver area is on fire… and sometimes Denver Property Flip can list your house, find the buyer, and get it sold in less than 30 days.  Many buyers are purchasing with conventional loan programs that can close in just 20 days.  We can help you find one of those buyers.

You’re house will need to be in good enough condition to pass the loan appraisal conditions, but Denver Property Flip can make the necessary repairs to your house with our money.  For example, we may fix your roof, then list your house, find the buyer, sell your house, and get reimbursed for the cost of the roof at closing.

Option 3: Fix and List your house for maximum profit

You may have a little more time than you thought.  If you are only behind on your mortgage payments by a month or two you likely have a couple more months to find a retail buyer.  When you are about 4 months behind on your mortgage, you’ll get a notice of foreclosure sale.  At this point your house is in preforeclosure, which is public record and shows up on sites like  Buyers will know you are in preforeclosure and it will be much harder to sell your house for full retail value.

Our strategy will be to fix up your house with our money and find a high paying retail buyer before you receive the notice of foreclosure sale.  This will help you sell your house quickly and get the most cash.

For example, if your house is currently worth $250,000, but we can make it worth $300,000 after puting $20,000 of our cash into it, we’ll fix and flip your house to put an extra $30,000 of profit in your pocket.

We can often fix up your house, and find a buyer in less than a month.  You could have your house sold and cash in your bank account in about two months.  

If you have a house to sell fast, why not have us come check it out and lay out all of your options?  It’s free and could end up saving you tens of thousands of dollars.  Call 720-370-9595.

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