How much is my Aurora house worth?

How much is my Aurora house worth?

How much is my Aurora house worth?

If you have a house in Aurora, and you want to know what it is worth, we’re about to break it down for you in today’s article.  The value of your house has everything to do with three factors:

  1. The condition of the house.
  2. The location of the house.
  3. Your situation.

House Condition

The first factor is pretty self explanatory.  If your house is updated and in mint condition, you’ll sell much closer to the top of your Aurora neighborhood market than if your house has worn out and/or dated finishes.  Almost everyone prefers a new looking house with modern designs.  

The great news is, you have total control over finishes in your house, and even if you have no money for updating, you still have options.  I’ll explain how you can get your house renovated and sold without spending a dime out of your pocket.


The second factor determining how much your Aurora house is worth is your location.  If your house is in a desirable neighborhood with great schools, it will sell for much more than if your house is in a neighborhood with high crime and low school ratings.  If your house backs to open space or a park, you’ll sell for much more than if you house backs to Alameda, Colfax, Mississippi, Chambers, etc.  

Since your house “is where it is”, there’s nothing you can do about how the location affects your home value.  So be aware of how location is affecting your home value, but don’t spend much time worrying about it.

Your Situation

The third factor that plays into answering your questions “How much is my Aurora house worth?”, is your situation.  If you are behind on your payments and about to lose your house to foreclosure, it’s worth a lot less than if you have a couple months to sell.  

If you have less than a month to sell your house, your buyer can’t use conventional, FHA, or VA financing.  This limits you to cash buyers who will almost always need to purchase at a deeply discounted price to make the investment work for them.

Plus, foreclosure records are public knowledge.  Even if you have 6 week before your foreclosure auction, when buyers see you have your back against the wall, they will offer you much less than if your payments are current.

How To Get The Most Profit When Selling

So if you want your Aurora house to sell for the maximum profit, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Have Denver Property Flip analyze your house for free and see if it makes sense to quickly fix and flip it or to sell it “as-is”
  2. Make sure your mortgage payments are up to date.

Denver Property Flip can fix up your house with their money, and sell your house at a reduced commission to get you the highest profit at closing.  

If you are already behind on your mortgage payments, get the highest all cash quick close offer you’ll find in the Denver area with Denver Property Flip.  We pay cash, close in 5 days, and pay more than any other investor in the Denver area.

We have our own in house contractors, real estate brokerage, and money to invest in your house, allowing us to cut out all the middle men and get you the most money. Call 720-252-6888 to set up an in house appointment today.

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