Westminster Wolves Athletics

Westminster Wolves AthleticsWestminster High School, which accommodates over 1800 students in grades 9 to 12, has an extensive curriculum and co-curricular program.

While the number of students in the school should speak for itself, the Westminster Wolves Athletics teams and the sports fraternity in general at Westminster High School has over the years worked its way into becoming an integral part of the school’s mission to educate the student as a whole person.

The Westminster Wolves Athletics teams challenge student athletes to carry on with their leadership skills from the classroom and onto the playing ground. The coaches here instill passion, commitment and self-discipline and that is why the Wolves produce outstanding team players with similar personal achievements. These are the same traits these young athletes will carry on to their college life and into adulthood as well.

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When Westminster High School was first established back in 1949, it was located at 7300 Lowell. However, in 1976, the school moved to its current location, leaving the space behind to be occupied by the Career Enrichment Park. Initially, the athletics teams were cheered on by a warrior mascot and the official school colors were blue and white. Since then, things have changed. The new school colors are black, teal and silver while a warrior is no longer the mascot, rather, it’s the wolves, hence the Westminster Wolves Athletics.

As a school, Westminster has an extensive curriculum program for all students. The school is governed by the Carroll County Public Schools and has a wide variety of courses that include and are not limited to mathematics, English, science, fine arts, social studies, business and marketing, world languages, Agriscience, family and consumer sciences, career and technology education, health and physical education as well as special education classes.

All of these courses come under five academies from which students are supposed to choose and focus on the same when in the school. These academies include architecture, construction and engineering academy, health and biomedical academy, global business academy, liberal arts academy as well as visual and performing arts academy. As with any school, the Westminster High School also includes a number of clubs such as electronics, band, book and key clubs, the Future Farmers of America, the Future Business Leaders of America, the National Honor Society and the Future Educators of America.

The fact that Westminster High School is able to accommodate students in such a wide variety of fields makes it very populous, something that also works well for the sports and athletics departments. When the enrollment is huge, the chances of these sporting departments getting more top athletes are higher when compared to a school whose enrollment is low.

With the schools reopening after the long summer holidays, there’s an interesting cross country schedule ahead. This has always been the case each and every fall with activities lined up until early November this year. This is going to be a busy schedule for Denver Property Flip too because we will be following closely to enjoy the events as well.

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