Westminster Promenade

Westminster PromenadeWhile in Denver, you can turn that movie-watching event into something more beautiful thanks to the Westminster Promenade, a world-class gathering place that boasts some of the best entertainment, hospitality, and dining venues in the city. Whether it’s a quick bite or a dinner sit-down before or after the movie, you won’t miss something cool to do while at the Promenade.

Westminster Promenade is conveniently located at US36 and Church Ranch Boulevard/104th Avenue in Colorado, giving the entire North-Metro Community one of the best places that give them just about everything they need in one venue. The sheer number of restaurants here as well as entertainment venues that include one of the busiest AMC 24-screen movie theatres in the country will make your day at the Promenade eventful and unforgettable as well.

The Promenade is without a doubt a convenient and classy place not only for entertainment but also for dining. The center is flanked by another interesting center in the shape of The Shops at Walnut Creek, offering visitors more room to dine and get entertained as well as some interesting places for shopping. Whether you are doing it alone or with family, the Promenade is a great destination with all the fun spots that will drive you crazy while you enjoy the day.

Locals of Westminster are always revisiting this place because of the stuff it has to offer. Whenever you come here, you’ll leave with a different experience on each occasion. If you are touring Colorado and Denver, making a stop at the Promenade will leave you planning another visit even before you leave the place. The center has attractive architecture and creative decorative finishes that you won’t see anywhere else.

Westminster Promenade restaurants

As noted, the Promenade has a variety of restaurants where you can enjoy a meal as well. There are quite a good number of cuisines here, which should make life easier for everyone visiting the entertainment mall. Some of the great restaurants you will find in this mall include Higgy’s Ice Cream, Mt Fuji Japanese Hibachi, Que Bueno Mexican Grill, Rafters Restaurant, Tuk Tuk Thai Bistro, Rock Bottom Brewery Restaurant and Pintoros Restaurant at Fat Cats Bowling Center.

Whether you feel like grabbing something a bit before or after catching a movie is on you. But regardless of the choice you make, you got to pass through the AMC 24 Theatres where you’ll find the latest releases playing. Other than playing films at the all-stadium AMC Theater, you will also enjoy extra comfy, love seat sitting style in the auditorium. As you’d expect from a world class theater, the digital sound here makes the conversations and soundtracks in the movie extra crispy and very clear.

The display screens used in the theater are also extra wide, ensuring that you don’t miss any bit of the action in the movie. There are also large restrooms, meaning you don’t have to wait for long after the show.

If AMC is not your thing, there are also some other entertainment venues at the Promenade that you will definitely enjoy. If you enjoy nature centers, the Butterfly Pavilion is a great place to check out. Here, you will get a chance to be surrounded by these lovely creatures when you enter a domed rainforest area where the delicate creatures fly freely.

It’s not just the butterfly habitat that you’ll love seeing at the Pavilion, you will also come across different species of plants and animals as well as exhibits to explore. There are also some events and activities such as storytelling, creative workshops, guided nature walks and educational lectures at the Promenade.

Dave & Buster’s is also a great place to be while still at the Westminster Promenade. A combined restaurant and arcade, Dave & Buster’s will serve you with both games of skill as well as something delicious to eat. If you want ice skating, the Ice Centre is where you need to be and if comedy and improvisations are your things, the Madcap Theater has plenty to offer. There’s also something for the bowling fans at the Fat Cats Bowling Center and you also won’t miss something good to eat as well.

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