We Buy Houses for Cash Thornton

We Buy Houses for Cash ThorntonYou didn’t have any plans for it or wasn’t even expecting it, but a lawyer calls you telling you that your aunt passed on and suddenly you own a house in Thornton, Colorado.

Since this is isn’t something you had plans for, you decide that cashing in on the house is a great idea, however, the hassles of traveling to the house’s location in order to process the deal are somehow too much for you. There’s no doubt that your first stop will be Google!

In a few minutes, you’ll be on your phone or laptop searching “sell my house fast for cash” and you’ll see lots of results with phrases like “we buy houses for cash Thornton” or “we buy ugly houses” and so on. After exploring the many available options, you will pick out one that suits your needs, at this point in time location is the key aspect, and fill out a form and receive a call almost immediately. You may also choose to make the call directly and speak to someone on the other end of the line.

The person you talk to will then assure you that the company will take care of everything that is needed and send you the agreed money in less than a week. As promised, you’ll get the money in your bank account a few days later and everyone walks away happy.

What happened?

Well, this is a quick version of what Denver Property Flip does. As a real estate investment company, we buy houses for cash Thornton. We don’t mind looking at your house and giving you a correct market valuation, but we cannot guarantee that we will pay you as per the house’s market value. What we do is offer you a quicker channel to sell your house at the expense of a small fee, sometimes less than 5% of the property’s market value.

The type of services we offer can never be matched by real estate agents. Since we use our own funds to pay for the houses, you’ll be guaranteed that those funny excuses that third-party buyers give for balking out of the deal at the last minute won’t come from our end. It’s easy to come across cases where loans have not been approved or a mortgage lender found some reason not to award the buyer the money as agreed. These moments can be disappointments for home sellers, which is something we are here to eliminate.

If you are facing a foreclosure or maybe you need to sell a house in order to pay a huge medical bill on a short notice, we buy houses for cash Thornton companies provide the best and fastest solution possible. Even though you might lose about 5% of the house’s market value, the fact that you will be able to solve your problem in just under a week makes these companies the real deal.

A great real estate agent can close the sale of a house and get more than 100% of the house’s market value, however, this process can take months or even a year before someone willing to pay such an amount of money is found. During the long wait, the usual charges involved in owning a property as well as the agent’s charges of advertising and commissions will still apply. In the end, you might find that the more than 100% value you get by selling through an agent ends up to something below 80% after all those expenses are deducted. So, why wait for such a long time and get something that is almost as good as what you’d get after just 5 days?

As pointed out, Denver Property Flip is a real estate investment company that specializes in buying houses. Once we agree on the price of your house, we will make the money available in less than one week – or 5 days to be precise. We buy houses for cash Thornton regardless of their physical state. Whether the house is ugly and you cannot afford to fund the needed repairs or you inherited a house that is wrecked, we will still make you an all-cash offer after assessing it.

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