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We Buy Houses ArvadaOnly in rare circumstances will you hear a real estate agent saying something good about the many we buy houses Arvada companies you see around. Rather, you’ll hear many stories of how these companies are scams and they only rip off homeowners by giving them raw deals.

Make no mistake. Just like there are some shoddy real estate investors, you’ll also come across shoddy real estate agents. In fact, this is something that is easy to come by in almost all forms of business, but in our years of buying houses in Arvada, we have dealt with multiple clients who have had quite a good number of nasty things about their experience dealing with real estate agents.

There are cases where home sellers hire and fire real estate agents for doing a poor job. While this might happen for the right reasons, some sellers do it for the wrong reasons and when they hire a new agent, they end up regretting their move. If you do notice that your agent is doing everything possible to sell your house, it would be a mistake to fire them just because the house hasn’t found a suitor just yet. Patience pays, but not always.

In this regard, here are some of the reasons some home sellers had to turn to we buy houses Arvada companies after firing their real estate agents.

The agent had their own interests in mind

You’ve probably heard of the statement the customer is always right, right? Even though it might not apply directly in this case, but when you realize that an agent has their own interests ahead of yours, think twice about trusting them with selling your house. A good agent will always have the interests of the client ahead of theirs regardless of the situation or rather reason of selling your house.

In fact, immediately you notice that an agent has your interests first, you might never have the time to scrutinize other aspects of this relationship, but it’s important you do.

Poor communication

When you trust someone with the task of selling your property, it’s important that they are there when you need a few things clarified. It’s also responsible for them to keep you informed of what’s going on the other side, be it via a call, text, email or whatever channel.

If you have an agent who can’t pick up their phone, you have the right reason to fire them. As a seller, you have a right to be updated on what’s going on with the listing, including even if nothing is happening.

Unable to find a buyer

Some agents have lost their jobs just because they were unable to find a buyer. Sellers want to know what you are doing to find a buyer and if you can’t communicate or maybe do something like sticking a sign in the yard – which in most cases doesn’t work – you are risking losing your job. Smart agents have built networks around them and thus will have an easy time finding a buyer.

Low-quality photos in MLS

When agents create MLS listings, they include photos of the house being sold. It’s only the good photos that will attract viewers and in case your agent uses unprofessional and low-quality photos, getting a buyer might not be possible at all.

Low-quality photos in MLS are a huge indicator that this agent has poor marketing skills. The key to selling a house fast is marketing and if your agent can’t do it, they are as good as nothing.

Agents don’t listen

Since they know you went to them because they are the pros in the business, some agents will simply not listen to the seller. If you feel like your agent is listening to you, fire them. If the agent is slow when it comes to responding to requests, you have the right to get another one who does so when a buyer wants to know more details about the house on sale.

Other than these, we’ve also served homeowners who said their previous real estate agents had poor negotiation skills, unprofessional behavior and some never bothered to explain to them what was detailed in the paperwork provided.

At Denver Property Flip, we buy houses Arvada and pay cash, thus saving you from the pain of having to deal with some of these shoddy real estate agents. We are an investment company that is fully equipped with professionals that can handle everything you need in-house, including legal and financial matters.

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