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Stop Foreclosure Commerce CityIf you are behind on your mortgage and you probably won’t recover anytime soon, the best way to stop foreclosure Commerce City is to sell your house fast to Denver Property Flip.

When your lender serves with a notice of foreclosure, it means that you have not been making the necessary monthly payments for the loan you borrowed. The only guaranteed way to stop foreclosure Commerce City is to make the mortgage current or maybe pay off the loan. However, if you cannot afford to pay off the loan or make the mortgage current, you still have a number of options to turn to and still manage to stop foreclosure.

Regardless of everything, the most important to do when trying to stop a foreclosure is to stay in constant contact with your lender and open up about your situation. In case of any promises or agreements, always make them in writing. To help you battle foreclosure, here are some strategies you can employ.


As pointed out, the only thing that can stop your lender from proceeding with the foreclosure notice is if you can make the mortgage current. This means that you need to talk to your lender and tell them that you wish to update your mortgage status, including clearing any applicable costs. If your financial distress is no more and you even feel comfortable paying off the rest of the loan owed, you can still do so after talking to your lender.

During the agreement, the lender may decide to increase monthly payments by a certain amount until after the owed money is paid, but you need to prove to the bank that you will indeed be capable of making these payments, otherwise, you may not be able to convince them to stop foreclosure.


Still on the aspect of staying in touch with your lender in case you notice that you cannot continue making mortgage payments, your lender may decide to afford you some leniency by extending forbearance. The bank may opt to slightly reduce the amount you pay per month for a limited period until after you can be able to make the payments or suspend the entire payments for a limited time.

Since this is a formal, written pact between you and your lender, it’s a must that you adhere to it, otherwise, it might lead to a court case. In short, make sure you keep your end of the bargain and resume payments after the agreed period ends.

File for bankruptcy

If you can’t come to an agreement with your lender, you may as well decide to file for bankruptcy. With this, the law forbids any person you owe from collection. Since foreclosure is considered a collection activity, your mortgage lender will be forbidden from proceeding with the foreclosure process during the bankruptcy period. However, when this period ends, your lender – and any other person you owe – will be legally allowed to proceed with foreclosure, so make sure you make the mortgage current during the period of bankruptcy, otherwise, you may still lose your house.

Sell the house to a cash buyer

As pointed out at the beginning, selling your house fast is the best way to stop foreclosure Commerce City, especially if you are dead sure that your financial woes will be continuing for a while. Since this is basically the same thing your lender will do once they re-acquire the house from you on the event of foreclosure, you’ll be better off selling it by yourself and pay them what you owe.

If the bank takes over the selling process, you won’t get a share of the proceeds. So, if the house’s value is more than what you owe, you better sell it, use the money to clear the debt and keep the rest. The process of selling a house can take weeks, months or even years, but the good thing with cash buyers like Denver Property Flip is that the sale will be closed after just 5 days, something a real estate agent or Realtor can’t guarantee. Also, you don’t need to repair, upgrade or even clean the house in order to sell.

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