Smoky Hill Buffaloes Athletics Aurora

Smoky Hill Buffaloes Athletics AuroraDenver Property Flip is a proud supporter of the Smoky Hill Buffaloes Athletics Aurora team. The team has built an amazing running culture with incredible track teams and all through the years, the Buffaloes have developed a winning tradition.

Established in 1974, Smoky High School is one of the best schools in the district and is, in fact, the second high school the district ever built. The school draws its name from the nearby Smoky Hill Trail, an area that Denver Property Flip has bought houses for cash for years now. The school enrolls over 2500 students, an aspect that has ensured the Smoky Hill Buffaloes Athletics Aurora team has maintained a wonderful streak at the highest levels possible over the years.

The Buffaloes cross country team, for instance, has always been up there when it comes to state teams. The school has played host to a number of nationally recognized figures, among them, coaches Lance Harter and Greg Weich as well as Alison Dunlap, a professional mountain biker, 2x Olympian and a world mountain bike champion; and Chase Vaughn, a football player with the school, the Denver Broncos Football team and now plies his trade with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in Canada.

The Smoky High Buffaloes Athletics teams have all managed to win League, Regional, State and National Championships in cross country and track events. The team has always produced capable talent each year and Denver Property Flip is always keen to follow up on their performances. The Buffaloes cross country team has been 4-time State Champions, an impressive 17-time top 5 State Finishes and Regional Champions, a combined 62-time State Qualifiers for the boys and girls, 14-time League Champions, a combined 41-time Aurora City Champions and a National Nike Cross Country Finalist in 2012.

As you can see, the Smoky High Buffaloes Athletics Aurora team has quite a decorated resume and this needs to be kept at the best level each year. The athletics team, including the coaches, believes that you don’t have to run five miles, but rather, you get to run five miles. The coaches are great, using the different sports as a vehicle to enrich the lives of young boys and girls who eventually become future athletes.

A good coach for such young minds will not be driven by winning, rather, they’ll want to train and equip the youths with the kind of energy that instills positive competition and thus affects the development of the participant positively. This is what makes the coaching staff at Smoky Hill Buffaloes Athletics such an incredible team. It’s for this reason the team has been able to compete at the top levels all throughout the years.

By participating in sports, athletes are able to positively grow physically, mentally as well as socially. These coaches have always given the Buffaloes this atmosphere which is why we always have high expectations when a Buffalo is on the track.

Despite the top performance levels of the Smoky Hill Buffaloes Athletics team, the academic performance of athletes is also closely monitored by the coaches. In order to merit, one needs to score a high GPA, something the staff equates to a championship race that needs finishing in the highest position in order to win. To succeed, attendance of practice sessions has been made mandatory by the coaches. We all know practice makes perfect. Anyone missing practice, especially on the week of a race, will be excluded from the team. Of course, this can be excused if the absence was pre-arranged with the head coach.

The Smoky Hill Buffaloes Athletics Aurora team is guided by core values of respect. In order to be a Buffalo, you must respect your team mates, coaches, family, and most of all, yourself. In that sense, no drugs, tobacco, or alcohol is allowed, but players are allowed to train well, eat well, sleep well and, of course, race extremely well.

Whenever the Buffaloes are competing, you will always find Denver Property Flip in the fan base. Whether it’s the track events, the field events or even cross country events, we are always watching. As a local company, we have helped homeowners around Smoky Hill High School who wanted a quick house sale by purchasing their houses for cash. If you have a house to sell for cash, give us a call on (720) 370-9595, but make sure it’s not when the Smoky High Buffaloes athletes in Aurora are on the loose.

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