Selling the House after Divorce Lakewood

Selling the House after Divorce LakewoodAre you selling the house after divorce in Lakewood? Unlike other life events, a divorce can be a stressful experience to go through, but it gets even worse when it comes to selling a house you’ve called home for years.

Selling the house after divorce Lakewood is not an easy process, even for the most amicable divorces. This process can be made even harder in cases where one spouse is refusing to fully cooperate on the matter of selling the house. When property is held in the name of one partner, even if it was bought prior to the marriage, it may still qualify as marital property and as such, it will be subject to marital division after the divorce agreement.

In order to sell such a house after divorce agreement in Lakewood, the partner who is refusing to cooperate must somehow be convinced to cooperate in order for the sale of the house to proceed, otherwise, a court order divesting the uncooperative spouse’s marital interest must be acquired.

In Colorado, the equitable distribution of property approach is usually used when it comes to splitting marital property. In such a case, it means that there won’t be a 50-50 sharing of assets. In fact, the partner whose name appears on the title deed of the property is given full control, however, they’ll still need the cooperation of the other spouse in order to sell the house before the divorce process is finalized.

In order to avoid any issues when selling the house after divorce Lakewood, the best would be to contact an experienced real estate attorney. This should be done even before going into any pre-contracts negotiations about selling the house. Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. With an attorney by your side, you’ll for sure avoid delays and conflicts that these types of transactions can come with.

Divorce and children – family first

Despite the hate you might have suddenly gained for your spouse, the children have nothing to do with. This is the point where you chose family over anything else, including all your differences with your partner.

The family house is home to countless memories and all types of firsts and as a result, coming to terms with selling it after a divorce agreement isn’t an easy process. This gets even tougher when there are kids in there, but as pointed out, you need to keep your family first and look at what is the best move for your children.

In cases where children are involved, it is easy to come across couples electing to retain the house. Since this means that the usual monthly expenses will still be incurred, be it the utility bills or mortgage payments, you need to agree on how they will be handled. When you keep on paying the mortgage, you are basically protecting your interest in the house, especially if you’ve agreed to sell once the children turn 18 or finish high school.

If you can’t keep up with paying for the house’s mortgage as well as renting out another house, you might want to contact your lender about it. If you think selling the house after a divorce is the only way out, make sure you do it right. You can sell it using a real estate agent, but if you want things to be finalized in the shortest time possible, selling it to a company that buys houses for cash would be an ideal option.

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