Selling an Inherited House Westminster

Selling an Inherited House WestminsterIt doesn’t matter whether you are selling an inherited house Westminster or your own house, however, the things you will need to keep an eye on when closing the sale are more of the same.

Whether you are selling the house on your own or doing it through a real estate agent, nothing changes much. If you want to close the sale in the best way possible, there are a number of things that shouldn’t miss on your checklist, especially after you’ve already moved out all the furniture and other personal stuff.

So, to help you close the deal when selling an inherited house Westminster, here are some tips you could make use of:

Clean the house

This should be a basic one. You don’t want to sell a house that is dirty. If you cannot do it by yourself, at least hire someone to get the job done. How clean you want the house remains on you, but at least keep it clean by wiping cabinets, polish the sink fixtures and even re-carpet the floor and paint the walls if possible. This is one sure way of making someone say yes to your offer.

Be there when the buyer is taking the final walk-through

When a buyer finally comes around to do the final walk-through, it’s important that you should be the one taking him/her through the house. Maybe this is a house you grew up in and you know it quite well. You’ve had the chance to be close to your folks until their final days and you know which switch operates which light, how to clean the swimming pool or even if the door sticks.

It’s only you who knows these things and they might be of interest to the buyer once they agree to buy your house. When you are present during the final walk-through, you will be able to feed them these with details.

Check the homeowner’s insurance

Once the inherited property you are selling has been transferred to a new name, make sure that anything else related to the homeowner’s insurance of the previous owner has been canceled. But as noted, wait until the deed or title transfer is complete before calling the insurance agent about this. Details of the deceased insurance can always be found within their personal belongings, which can be found when cleaning the house in order to make it ready for the sale.

Cancel utilities

If there are any utilities associated with the name of the deceased, make sure you have canceled them once the new buyer confirms their intent. Also, it’s a good idea to stop forwarding mail, that is if you had already done that, and work out how the new homeowner will make use of the mailbox.

For the utility companies, make up a list of phone numbers and call them to inform them of what’s happening. If they need any details that will help your cancellation, you should be ready to give them. While at it, also ensure that you don’t go away with the mailbox keys, pool keys, gate keys, house keys or even the remotes.

Of course, it is possible that the buyer will still change the locks once they buy the home, but it’s a good idea to leave the current ones in one place. You can also introduce them to what each of these keys does during the final walk-through.

Appliance manuals and warranties

As you were sorting the personal stuff of the previous owner, you should have come across documents such as manuals for security, appliances or maybe the sprinkler system and set them aside. If there are any warranties for these appliances, put them together with the manuals so that the new home buyer can get them. Also, don’t forget to give them the code of the security alarm or things could get really awkward.

Make sure you don’t forget anything

Don’t leave anything that shouldn’t stay behind. Make sure you revisit all drawers, cabinets, and storage to ensure that nothing is left behind. If your sister says she has gone through all rooms, don’t believe her. Do a final check to ensure she’s right.

If all these seem too much of a hassle for you, Denver Property Flip is what you are looking for. We are a real estate investor and we buy houses for cash. If you are selling an inherited house Westminster, you don’t even have to clean it (unless you have personal stuff to remove) or check if everything is working because we’ll do that for you. When done, we’ll make you a cash offer and if you agree, you’ll have the money in your bank after just 5 days. Simple as that!

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