Are You Selling a House in Probate Aurora?

Selling a House in Probate AuroraSelling a house in probate Aurora can look like an extremely intimidating exercise. This is not deliberately meant to say that selling a house in probate is a walk in the park, especially since the whole process can be a burden to the family. However, if you know the right people or know what to do, the process can be very easy.

When selling a house in probate Aurora, it means that the owner of this house has passed away. At the time of passing, the owner has not mentioned any person to take over the house. In order to take care of it, the court comes in and appoints the closest relative to the deceased who takes over as the administrator or executor to oversee the selling process. When the administrator pulls all the strings and manages to sell the house in probate, the court will take over the proceedings and split between the beneficiaries.

The Administrator

As noted earlier, the court will appoint someone closest to the deceased to oversee the selling of the house. The court may suggest channels through which the house could be sold, but the administrator is still in control of what can be done here. If you have been chosen as an administrator or executor and thus are selling a house in probate in Aurora, the best option would be to find an experienced real estate investor to buy the house.

Selling a house in probate in Aurora

Aurora has dozens of real estate agencies, but Denver Property Flip stands out. This is not just a real estate agency, but it’s also a real estate investment company and licensed contractor that has been buying houses for years now. Being family owned, this is a business you can trust with the appraisal of your house because you’ll get valuations that are genuine and accurate as per the current market standards.

When selling a house in probate in Aurora, you need to ensure that the property sells for at least 90% of the appraised value. Usually, house buying companies would want a discount from you since they are paying for the house in the shortest period possible, which is where the 10% goes to, but it’s not limited to any figure. Given the many advantages that come with quick house buying companies, this small discount shouldn’t be a big deal for people looking to sell a house in probate fast.

More options

There are other options such as agents. The house will be listed for sale on multiple listing services and marketed. You can even find it on platforms like Zillow and, where people will know that there’s a house in probate Aurora on sale. When a buyer wants to buy the house, they need to make an offer and the court should also be informed. If the buyer can pay cash or if the seller can agree to terms that the court deems okay, the sale of the house will proceed.

Now that the house in probate has an offer, a Notice of Proposed Action will be sent to all heirs of the house. This notice will carry the terms of the proposed sale and if someone doesn’t agree, they’ll be given up to 15 days to inform the court why they don’t agree. In case of no objections, the sale will proceed as scheduled.

Before even selling a house in probate Aurora to a real estate investor, the court can also decide to auction the house. When the administrator reports back with a quote from the potential buyer, the judge may ask if there’s someone willing to pay more. This is more like an auction and it may be allowed to continue in the same manner until such a time the highest bidder will buy the house.  But if the initial price is acceptable, the administrator can proceed with the sale and take the proceedings to the court.

Selling a house in probate Aurora, as you can see, is not such an easy task. However, if you want to sell your house fast, as long as you have been cleared by the court, Denver Property Flip is ready to pay you in cash for the house. Give us a call on (720) 370-9595 and we can set up a meeting right away.

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