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House Buying Companies WestminsterDenver Property Flip is one of the top house buying companies Westminster has at the moment. As a real estate investor, we specialize in buying and selling houses in and around Denver, making us your best local company when it comes to real estate business.

Not only are we a house buying company, but we are also a licensed contractor and real estate agency as well. With all of these services available in-house, Denver Property Flip boasts itself as one of the most self-sufficient real estate companies in the city. Our multiple channels of revenues mean that we are able to share the profits with our customers by offering the best prices for their houses.

Since we are a real estate agency as well, we can help you if you want to buy a house as well. With the many houses that we buy, we also have a significant repository that you can choose from when buying a house. Different buyers have different tastes for they want in a house. Some look for vintage houses while others want the latest builds. But the question is which one of these two is the best?


Similar to other house buying companies Westminster, Denver Property Flip buys all kinds of houses. So, if you are in the market for a property with multiple reception rooms, a traditional fireplace, high ceilings and other unique features, we have a huge collection that you can choose from. Even though getting houses in the modern world with these kinds of features is not an easy thing, house buying companies in Westminster deal with inherited property as well, which makes it easy to come across houses with some of these unique features.

In short, we buy different varieties of houses and that means we have a huge collection for any buyer to choose from, regardless of how unique your taste is, including those who want massive outdoor space for parking and green spaces as well.


As noted, we buy houses regardless of their condition. Whether the house seems unlivable or is almost on its knees, we will still buy it. Once we get the house, our team of professionals will get down to work and start reworking the house into something livable. Despite these works, our team ensures that the best aspects of the house remain unchanged. Once the repairs are effected, the house will be as good as new.

With the property as good as new, you won’t be very different from the person who paid for the newly built house, but of course, not everything will be the same. We work with the necessary bodies and follow strict building regulations to ensure that you get what is based on the current standards.

Energy efficiency

Houses that were constructed years ago cannot be compared to the modern houses when it comes to heating bills. Modern houses prevent damp where cavity walls, double glazing as well as enhanced insulation help with long-term energy savings. This means that at the end of each month, the heating bill you pay when in a modern construction is far much less when compared to old houses. Keep this in mind even when purchasing a rental property.


If you are looking for a house with large rooms that can accommodate larger pieces of furniture, going for an old house is the best option. While some modern developers claim that these houses have lots of wasted space, there are those who enjoy larger, purpose-built homes. Modern houses have smaller rooms and basically, they are a good match for anyone looking to downsize.

Whether you are looking for those older houses with lots of “wasted” space or the modern homes designed with modern living, Denver Property Flip has the right solutions for you.


As you’d expect, buying a new home is not that cheap. With its premium design and features comes a premium price tag compared to an old property, even if the number of bedrooms is the same. If you are looking to sell an old or new house, Denver Property Flip will be ready to make you an offer, however, do note that the older houses are relatively cheaper than new houses, something that also applies to the buyer.

Many house buying companies Westminster will buy houses fast and pay cash after a week or more, but here at Denver Property Flip, we will make sure you have your money in just 5 days. Give us a call now on (720) 370-9595 and we can get the ball rolling.

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