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Fast House Sale EnglewoodIt’s not easy to part ways with a place you have created countless memories for years, but if you are looking for a fast house sale in Englewood, there’s indeed a reason behind it.

Being one of the most priced assets that one can own, putting a house up for sale comes with a lot of emotional decisions, but to others, its business as usual. Before you sell a house, you need to know the exact value of this house. Due to the emotional attachment you have to the house, getting the right price might not be possible for you. You need the help of a second or a third person. If possible, hire a professional appraiser to value the house based on the current market conditions.

If you are looking for a fast house sale Englewood, you also need to move fast in determining the price you want to sell the house at. This is a feat that must be achieved before you put the house on the market – and it can indeed be one of the scariest stages of the house selling process. You only want to call in the appraiser after you are sure that the house is ready for sale.

An appraisal is not the same as a house inspection

As you may have noticed above, we mentioned that it’s a good idea to call in the appraiser when you believe that the next stage will be to put the house on sale or rather show it to your target audience. This is to tell you that an appraisal is not the same thing as a house inspection.

Of course, an inspection and appraisal are all done for the benefit of the buyer, however, the two are very different in nature. Both of them will be poking around your house, however, a house inspector does so to uncover any defects in the house that need renovation or those areas that could potentially become problematic in future. On the other hand, an appraiser pokes around your house to find its objective market value.

On top of poking around your house, an appraiser will also use comps, the location of the house, quality of the house, square footage and the general condition of the house as factors in his or her assessment.

The appraiser doesn’t work for the buyer

There are some people who actually believe that an appraiser works for the buyer. While it’s true that both a house inspection and appraisal all work in favor of the buyer, it doesn’t mean that the people who do the jobs work for the buyer. In fact, it’s the lender who hires an appraiser, but the buyer will pay for their services. There is nothing to worry about, though. Like any other professional, an experienced appraiser will give you a fair market value without any bias, even if they are working to protect the buyer or their lender from a bad deal.

Due to the belief that an appraisal may be biased, some home sellers don’t believe that it would give them an idea of what the buyer will pay. Note that just like you have already formed an opinion about the price of the house, the word of an appraiser is just another opinion of what your house is worth. You don’t have to align yourself with the opinion and it doesn’t dictate any payment terms that you may end up agreeing with the buyer.

But what about those cases where the appraiser comes up with a valuation that is below what you had in mind? Well, you might have to renegotiate the terms of sale with the buyer based on the new figures because no buyer would be willing to shell out the difference – unless otherwise. Alternatively, you may opt for a fast house sale Englewood and get paid the cash in less than a week.

At Denver Property Flip, we buy houses fast for cash and the good part is that we don’t need an appraiser. As long as you have your valuation, we’ll assess the house and give our verdict. If we can agree, the money will be in your account after just 5 days. It’s that simple!

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