Englewood Event Center

Englewood Event CenterA while ago, folks in the south had to make a trip to Sarasota just so as to catch some of their favorite bands on tour, but this is no more thanks to Englewood Event Center.

As the name points out, Englewood Event Center is a place where you can go to catch up on some of the best artists touring at the moment in live shows. The center also boasts a theater, mystery dinners and so on.

Traditionally, Englewood is known to be a quiet retiree paradise that offers affordable beach lines and an artsy downtown. The center extends this by offering all amenities that are needed to make any event successful, whether you want to enjoy a dinner entertainment show, a private reception or even business seminars, you will have a memorable time at this center.

The residents of Englewood will be quick to tell you how good the town is. Of course, you can’t deny that the place has wonderful beaches as well as lush and sparse coastlines that offer wonderful views, large sandy beaches and lots of mom & pop restaurants. We are talking the Englewood Beach and Manasota Key, but as an old-fashioned downtown, Englewood is full of trendy diners and coffee shops that are housed in old brick buildings that make the town such an appealing destination for the young people.

What makes the city even more vibrant and attractive to the young-at-heart is the sheer number of local artists that flock the shops with handmade wares. At the heart of supporting a countrywide love for performing arts, the Englewood Event Center turns out to be one of the best destinations for fun-seeking people thanks to the many unique events such as mystery dinner theater and burlesque shows. You can also join in the gourmet-style meals that an in-house chef prepares for the locals.

As pointed out, the Englewood Event Center supports nationwide talent and when all of these is incorporated into one, your evening will for sure be more than fun and at the same time very affordable. The Event Center has also played host to a number of political events, trade shows, music festival, dinner comedy, seminars, community luaus, rotary dinners, weddings and other corporate and private events, something that has cemented it’s position as a venue that can handle a wide selection of events.

Unless you are okay with skipping the best shows that will be coming up this fall, the Englewood center shouldn’t miss on your list of places to visit when in this region of Colorado. You don’t have to drive for an hour or more or even break the bank in order to have the best of times. At the center, you will have some really good times with the southern rock, a drop of mystery and an experienced chef ready to serve you some of the best and most unique meals to accompany it all. There are a number of restaurants in the Englewood area and at the venue itself where you can grab a delicious meal to pair with your live entertainment and some hot acts.

There is no doubt that the Englewood Event Center is the region’s premier event facility, which is why the Englewood Readers Choice has on multiple occasions recognized the event center as the “Best Live Entertainment” and “Best Banquet Facility” in the region. The center’s appreciated Bay Fare Catering and Banquet Ballroom facility is home to a modern kitchen that, according to the center, suits your on and off-site catering needs. The center is the region’s best Concert and Event Venue thanks to the spacious hall that can hold an impressive 750 people sat in a Theater-style arrangement or 1,120 when standing. The banquet seating can accommodate up to 400 guests while the Exhibit Floor can hold a little over 60 indoor booths and a spacious outdoor area for more booths as well as ample parking.

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