Divorce Selling a House in Broomfield

Divorce Selling House BroomfieldAll home sellers, including those in divorce selling a house in Broomfield, are always looking to make something extra on top of what they paid when acquiring the house.

One thing that anyone trying to sell a house should be aware of is that there is no way to control all the factors that influence the market value of real estate. For instance, when your house is located near a school, it could get a better price, but if the quality of the school were better, the price of the house could be even better. However, you cannot change the quality of the school adjacent to your house in order to improve what you get after selling your house.

With the growing number of separations, divorce selling a house in Broomfield is becoming more common. Even though some separations are usually marred by stress and hatred from partners, there are those that can be as amicable as you can think of. In fact, there are cases where the separating partners may continue to be connected with their past property like a house..

The most basic thing most divorcing couples do is sell their house and split the proceeds. This is especially true if there are no small children in the mix that would still need one spouse to keep the house and continue looking after them. Even with what is happening, you can still work together and ensure that you get the best money from selling your house. If you can’t stand each other, it would be a better idea to work with an agent.

While there is nothing much you can do to change the quality of the school near your house or the neighborhood in general, there are a bunch of other things you could do and help boost the price of your house. This way, each partner can walk out of the deal with a heavier pocket and thus have a better base on which to lay on their new life.

Make smart upgrades

Rather than repair the house, making upgrades can be the best way to boost the price of your house. Make sure you don’t just do any upgrades, but be sure to touch on the areas that will indeed add value to the house.

When making upgrades to your house don’t expect too much in return because on average, such upgrades will give back about 64% of the total amount used to make them. Apparently, focusing your upgrades on insulating the attic could earn you more than what you invested in the same. Other areas that can also boost the price of the home is upgrading the kitchen and bathroom.

Up your curb appeal

If you are working with an experienced agent, it’s possible that they’ve already mentioned it. One sure way of boosting the price of your home is to similarly boost the home’s curb appeal. Basic landscaping stuff such as pulling weeds, trimming hedges and pruning trees could do wonders. You can also make things a little bit livelier by planting flowers in the garden and even including potted plants on each side of the door.

In order to make the exterior of the house look more appealing when evening comes, you may use white panel lighting along railings, doorsteps or fences. Also, remember to paint the walls (if needed), the front door as well as fix the doorknobs in case they are not working properly.

Make the house look more spacious

No one wants to move into a squeezed house so make sure whenever people come to view the house, you create the illusion of more space. To do this, simply remove any large pieces of furniture so as to create an open space that looks inviting when standing in them. If your garage is not enough to store everything that you moved out, you may want to rent a storage unit to take care of this.

Hire a professional home stager

If you happen to get a top-notch real estate agent, s/he can help you stage the house perfectly. Otherwise, you may be forced to hire a professional stager to get the job done, at least if you cannot do it by yourself. Although they might be quite expensive, these professionals are actually worth it.

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