Divorce Selling House in Aurora

Divorce Selling House AuroraDivorce selling a house in Aurora can be a very stressful task. First, you are already going through a tough time with your divorce. Then comes all the hassles involved in trying to find someone who is ready to buy the house as each one of you moves on. All these can be overwhelming, but you don’t have to worry yourself too much.

Just like any other marital property, the house has to be split between the two parties. While the usually couples decide to sell the house to a cash buying company and split the money, this isn’t the only option you have. Before you start thinking about divorce selling a house in Aurora, make sure you’ve tried thought through all possible options. Remember this is a property you’ve probably worked for years to buy.  It has all your memories printed all over, so it can be quite emotional.

You can keep the marital house after divorce

There are cases where one partner would like to keep the marital home. Usually, this happens when there are kids around, probably in high school and you don’t want to mess with their education. The two will agree on the period one spouse can stay in the house, probably until the child clears school, but usually, one spouse has to somehow compensate their partner for the value of the marital house. To balance the equation, the leaving spouse could get other property, money or some assets that would make it a win-win for both.

If the court is involved – which of course it is – the partner leaving may also be allowed to place a lien on the house. This way, they can be sure that in any case the remaining spouse decides to sell the house, they will also be compensated.

Another option is where the two of you can agree to keep owning the marital house jointly, but this would depend on whether you can agree on how the mortgage can be paid and still be capable to get along even after the divorce. An example is where the mother gets to keep the home and kids until they reach adulthood and both of you still get to take care of the mortgage debt.

Still on the aspect of getting along, you may also decide to keep the house for a little bit longer, just in case the prevailing market conditions would mean you probably sell it at a loss. This will also mean you agree on how regular payments will be maintained or else you might find yourself in one of those divorce selling house situations.

Both spouses can leave the house

Divorce selling house Aurora can be a thing when all spouses decide to leave the house. This is probably because neither party can afford the mortgage or simply because neither wants to keep the home. The channel you choose to sell the house will depend on how fast you need the cash, but eventually, the house will be sold.

If you want it slow – and maybe costly – you can deal with real estate agents and Realtors. You will probably get a better deal, but the chain of people involved may mean you end up with something dismal. Even better, you could find a house buying for cash company and save yourself the pain of waiting for weeks or even months. The quicker you can sell the house, the faster you can pay off the mortgage and closing costs. In case of a profit or loss, the two of you will share the spoils.

During a divorce agreement, the court would usually specify who will be taking care of the mortgage while the sale is still pending. This means more costs for something none of you wants to keep, but if you can afford, even better. On the brighter side, we at Denver Property Flip can pay you cash for divorce selling a house and help you pay off the mortgage and off to a new life.

As long as you have agreed to sell the house, feel free to give us a call at (720) 370-9595 and we can arrange a visit to your property. We’ll give you an all-cash offer which, and if agreed, will be ready to close a quickly as 5 days.

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