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Companies that Buy Houses for Cash WestminsterDespite the widespread number of companies that buy houses for cash Westminster, real estate agents are still the go-to option for many people looking to sell their homes.

There’s nothing wrong with going to an agent and in fact, these are the people who could help you close the deal in a seamless manner. While on your hunt for the best agent to represent your needs, you bump into the seller’s agent and you guys go along really cool to a point that you feel comfortable making an offer to the seller’s agent, but you remember you don’t have an agent of your own to handle the matter.

The question is do you really need an agent of your own or you can still use the seller’s agent as your own agent to close the deal, especially now that she seems really cool?

In the real estate business, a case where one agent represents both the seller and buyer is called dual agency. If you are familiar with how the real estate business works, you will know that a buyer’s agent works with the person buying the property while a seller needs a listing agent, but with dual agency comes a third category that is kind of more mysterious to many.

Also known as transaction agents, a dual agent combines roles of both the seller and buyer agent into one. It’s easy for a buyer to love a home whose seller is coincidentally represented by the same agent that represents the buyer. Rather than force one party into changing an agent, both parties may agree to proceed with the deal.

There are some states that permit dual agency, but this is not here in Colorado. Dual agency is prohibited for real estate agents, but one would still be asking is it a good idea that should be allowed, albeit with some conditions?

Pros of dual agency

To help you assess closely what good or bad dual agency can pose, here is a look at the pros and cons of this approach when selling and/or buying real estate property.

Starting with the pros, having a dual agency in place certainly reduces the chain of people you have to deal with up until the deal is closed. What this basically does is streamline the process by taking out one person from the home-buying process, leaving out the seller, buyer and one agent in between them.

Having dual agency can also save some money in terms of commissions. Unlike companies that buy houses for cash Westminster, agents charge commissions and closing costs for helping you find a buyer for your house. This money is paid to a home seller’s agent, who then splits it with the buyer’s agent after what they’ve accomplished in putting the deal together. When dealing with a dual agent, the whole amount will be retained by one person. Since they have a chance to make more money, home sellers also have a chance to negotiate a lower commission, thus helping them save a little more on the total expenses.

Cons of dual agency

As for the cons, dealing with a dual agent can make the process even more complicated, especially those that cannot be neutral. Yes, for a dual agent to work effectively, they are supposed to be neutral all throughout the dealing while ensuring that they keep all their pieces of advice to themselves. We all know how staying neutral in this case can be really hard, but the best way to deal with it is for the agent in question to assign another in-house agent to one client in order to avoid any conflict of interest.

Since an agent works by trying to up the scales so that the buyer pays more, thus leading to a better commission for him and good money for the seller, these actions won’t be in the best interests of the seller. The dual agent must also stay mute so as not to lose the confidence of any party, even if there are some tips that could have made things much better for you if you had an independent agent.

But as noted earlier, the state of Colorado doesn’t allow dual agency in real estate business. As for Denver Property Flip and other companies that buy houses for cash Westminster, we completely eliminate the need for an agent since we are the client. We are the ones buying the house and as such, anything associated with agents, including dual agency, commissions and long turnaround, will be eliminated. Call us now on (720) 370-9595 for an all-cash offer for your house.

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