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Cash for Houses LittletonIt’s not easy to come across traditional buyers who are willing to pay cash for houses Littleton, however, there are things that home sellers can do to convince buyers into making them an offer for their houses.

One such thing is to spruce up the house to a state that no willing buyer will want to turn down the chance to buy the house outright. While sprucing up the house, you need to make sure that you don’t do the wrong things – things that might have a negative impact on the chances of getting someone who is ready to pay cash for your house in Littleton.

In case you didn’t know, homeowners love their bathrooms, probably more than anything else in the house. This is because each day, there’s a significant amount of time that they spend in there and since people who will likely pay cash for houses Littleton also want that as well, they’ll most definitely be keen to check out the status of the bathroom before deciding to splash their cash on the house. For this reason, it’s possible that you might already be thinking that spending a lot of money on renovating or upgrading the bathroom could up your chances of landing a buyer for your house. Well, this could work if the right designs are chosen, but things could get worse if not.

To help you get around this problem, here are the 5 bathroom designs that will ensure you don’t get anyone willing to pay cash for your house, no matter how lavish the bathroom may look like to you.

Stay off the all-white box

Many people believe that having a white-colored bathroom or kitchen is a symbol of cleanliness, however, gone are the days when stark white kitchens and bathrooms were a thing. One main reason home buyers don’t fancy white bathrooms is that keeping them clean is another problem, especially since white tile and flooring can easily catch stains. With any small mark, you will be able to see it from nearly any distance across the room, eventually tainting a look that was otherwise crisp and clean.

If you really want to get home buyers to pay cash for houses Littleton, you might want to start re-thinking about the choice of colors as far as not just the bathroom is concerned, but also the kitchen.

Minimalistic designs are no more

There’s no doubt that a sparse bathroom can be every homeowner’s dream. It’s completely relaxing with no clutter and clean lines, however, make sure you don’t leave the bathroom looking too bare. If you end up with a bathroom that is too small, it becomes easy to find all your stuff on the floor because the storage space is not enough to accommodate everything you’ve got.

If you have a bathroom that looks too small, you might want to get a little bit innovative by adding more storage space and personality at the same time. Using things like étagères or rather shelves can really help create room for hanging stuff like towels, toiletries, and even the tissue paper. This should help you keep the minimalist design you so much desire without cluttering the bathroom.

Don’t get overly funky with colors

We know there are thousands of colors, but this is not a reason for you to throw all of them in the bathroom. Things like Avocado, Salmon and even Mustard are no longer fun favorites as they make the bathroom feel more like it has just come back from the 1980s. You’d be better off going for a quiet palette while ensuring that the colors are well balanced, even if means mixing several colors, but always use the neutral one most of the time.

You don’t need that huge bathtub

It’s true having a bathtub can be a great thing in a bathroom, but let no one trick you that having an overly huge bathtub will convince buyers to pay cash for houses Littleton. Word of advice for you? Be realistic. Rather than splash money on a huge bathtub, you could use this money to install a high-quality water-saving shower.

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