Broomfield Eagles Athletics

Broomfield Eagles AthleticsBroomfield High School was opened in 1961 and the Broomfield Eagles is what the school’s sports teams are famously known across the state.

As you would expect with any school, Broomfield High has a number of sporting events. Even though rarely talked about, the Broomfield Eagles Athletics team is the one with the most recent success, which came in the form of a state championship in 2016 for the girls’ cross country event. Interestingly, this is a title that was being retained after the Eagles captured it back in 2015. As for the boys’ cross country, the state title was brought home in 2013, which is the only time that Broomfield High has won the championship.

While it’s true the Broomfield Eagles Athletics teams have always been competing at the topmost levels almost each year, the number of state championships doesn’t do this great annual performance any favors. In addition to the already mentioned state championships for the girls and boys cross country events, Broomfield High has also been crowned state champions for the boys’ track & field event in 2012, wrestling in 2009, 2010, 2013 and 2014 as well as cheerleading in 2000 and 2013.

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The Broomfield Eagles Athletics foundations

To be an eagle, there are quite a number of things you need to keep in mind. These are basically aimed at ensuring all student-athletes remain disciplined persons not only at school but also when at home. The team is guided by four major principles that include integrity, commitment, community, and industriousness.

According to the school’s definition of integrity, student-athletes must always be honest not only with their coaches and teammates but also their friends, family and most importantly, themselves. In track & field events, these athletes have a platform that provides them with experiences as well as test the will of the athletes. Through sacrifice, determination, and patience, participating athletes will be able to learn what it truly means to devote oneself to a greater course – or rather, commitment.

Since a number of track & field events require working in groups, another pillar of Broomfield Eagles is community, where student-athletes are encouraged to work hand in hand in order to compete at the highest level. This competitive community helps the participating students learn how to compete both against each other as well as for another.

All of these can only be achieved when the student-athletes are hard workers. As long as one is able to constantly push themselves, the results of their industry will soon be visible to everyone.

The main events

When the Broomfield Eagles teams are on the field, there are a number of events the athletes participate. There are distance events, sprints, throws, hurdles, jumps and pole vault. The events for distance include 800m and go all the way to 3200m as well as the 4x800m relay. In order to succeed in such events, true bravery and patience are the keys, especially since you will be running for longer distances as fast as possible.

As for the sprints, the state of Colorado recognizes the open 100m, 200m, and 400m races. Also included are the 4×100, 4×200 as well as 4×400 relay races. Since this involves running at the top speeds possible over a short distance, it’s the most explosive event in athletics. Those looking for hurdles can only enjoy two events in Colorado – the 110m (100m for girls) and 300m intermediate event – where the former has ten obstacles and the latter has eight obstacles to go over.

The throwing event includes the shot put and the discus, both of which require different skill sets to participate. As for the jumps, you get to enjoy the long jump, triple jump and high jump whereas the pole vault is where athletes use a pole to jump over a height barrier.

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