Best Englewood Restaurants

Best Englewood RestaurantsAre you looking for the best Englewood restaurants with top-notch cuisine? Well, look no more because, in this article, you will get to learn about the best restaurants in Englewood, Colorado.

The Breakfast Queen

You are probably thinking what a name! But wait until you get a taste of what they have for you. If you have been craving for breakfast mornings and you haven’t had the time to make yourself one at home, The Breakfast Queen is where you should be every morning. The restaurant has been present in Englewood since 2005 and up to now, residents are always flocking in to have their best meals.

Recently, owners George and Kosta Vaslias moved the restaurant two doors south from the previous location, but nothing has changed about the quality of the meals served here. You can enjoy American and Mexican brunch specialties and other high-value meals and good vides that have done perfectly well to win over the locals looking for a killer morning meal.

The Breakfast Queen restaurant has an extensive menu that includes meals such as plumped burritos, massive omelets, delicious skillets overflowing with southwest flavor, juicy burgers and much more. If you love your breakfast sweet, there are plenty of options for you to choose from, among them fluffy pancakes and home-made pistachio cream pie.

You can find out more details about The Breakfast Queen and the meals they have to offer by visiting their official website here.

The Steakhouse 10

If you are looking for the best Englewood restaurants where you can enjoy a healthy and delicious piece of steak, the Steakhouse 10 should be high on your list. For any steak fan looking out for an extra special meal, this swanky steak lover’s destination specializes in premium cuts that are well chosen, prepped and cooked by the best chefs in the business.

The menu here is extensive, but on top of the list or rather many people’s favorites include the many mouthwatering grille dishes with contemporary, flavorful tweaks. But to start you off, you would be better off with an appetizer like the famous far-and-wide Saganaki, which includes kasseri cheese in brandy lit on fire and accompanied by warm, fresh bread for dipping.

Whether you want to eat something right from the land you live on or something unique, perhaps some seafood, well, the Steakhouse 10 has a wide selection for you to choose from, be it the New York strip or the filet mignon, lobster tail, ribeye or Mediterranean chicken. You can also accompany the meat with a glass of wine thanks to an eclectic selection of specialty martinis and bottles from around the world. In fact, signature meals are usually listed alongside an expertly matched red wine from the local bar.

Pino’s Neighborhood Pizzeria & Wine Bar

If you don’t want anything to do with American or Mexican foods, Pino’s Neighborhood Pizzeria & Wine Bar has the best of cuisines from Italy. Both in the kitchen and in the dining room, the restaurant takes a compelling, fresh and extremely simple approach to traditional Italian food, allowing locals to have the best meals as well as enjoy some exquisite drinks.

You will definitely love the casual dining atmosphere that encourages you to have the best conversations, be it with your friends or family. In fact, folks at Pino’s believe that the best meals should be accompanied by laughter, which can only be realized when you are in the company of loved ones. The welcoming nature of Pino’s has made it one of the best Englewood restaurants for returning customers looking for a cool place to hang out.

The restaurant has a variety of made-from-scratch classic Italian pizzas that include the likes of Veronese, Pugliese, Calabrese or even Margherita. Each one of these pizzas incorporates bold Italian traditional flavors that include olives, capers, mushrooms, gorgonzola, prosciutto and fresh basil. You won’t have made your visit count if you don’t try out the famous dessert-style Nutella Pizza, which can be accompanied by a chilled glass of wine from the restaurant’s exclusive wine bar.

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